Western Rural Development Center

The WRDC is responsive to the needs of the people of the rural West and is dedicated to strengthening the land-grant university capacity and providing timely, researchbased answers to the current issues facing the region’s rural communities.

To prioritize the issues and concerns confronting the region, the WRDC conducted rural development roundtables to develop its Strategic Plan, which focuses on the following three priority areas:

  • Enhance Human Capacity through People-Based Rural Development
  • Create Vibrant Rural Economies through Place-Based Rural Development
  • Promote Sustainable Natural Resource Development

Within these areas, the Center collaborates with land-grant universities and partners to conduct research on workforce development, entrepreneurial skills education, and youth leadership. In addition, they work to expand the coverage of information and communication technology and increase the capacity of communities to grow employment opportunities.

The WRDC also works to increase the awareness of policy makers and citizens on issues related to natural resources and land-use planning as they relate to the Western U.S.

Map of Western Rural Development Center

Western Rural Development Center

Hosted by Utah State University
Don E. Albrecht, Director

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